A casement window A casement window is one that is hinged to the frame by one or more hinges, so you can see that they are articulated on one of their sides. They are commonly used in various rooms, either individually or in pairs within a common frame, and are often one of the key elements in a house. They allow for ventilation during the day and can protect the room when the user desires without sacrificing visibility.

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a casement or awning window is how far it can open. The ones that open the best are those that open perpendicular to the house for maximum ventilation.

In this regard, each of these types of windows is unique because the choice of a particular model depends on its location and intended function.

Benefits they provide

Save energy | The technology of PVC windows can result in energy savings of up to 68% on your energy bill.
Provide sound insulation | Silence is comfort. With these windows, you can reduce external noise by up to 32 times (50dB).
Provide security | PVC windows are equipped with top-quality reinforcements and hardware, ensuring a very secure window.
Insulating | It protect us from cold, heat, rain, and wind. We will be comfortable regardless of the weather outside.


Among the different types of casement windows available on the market, it is important to highlight three of them:

Vertical pivot casement window | The window opens inwards or outwards thanks to the rotation of its hinges.

Horizontal pivot casement window In this case, we are talking about a window that does not rotate on the hinge but projects outwards (thanks to a secondary system). This creates a small "v"-shaped opening in the upper part while the lower part of the window remains attached.

Tilt and turn casement window | It combines the two previous forms

Which one is the best? It depends on the space where our window or door is located; we will choose one modality or another, always considering the available space.

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