Aluminum partitions for homes, terraces, or modular ones for large spaces or offices are an ideal element for organizing and redistributing both domestic and workspace. That's why the installation of aluminum partitions in offices and workspaces often becomes essential.

We manufacture and install custom partitions for each space and functionality. Partitions with one or more panels to provide the most practical solution in each case. There are different possibilities in terms of finishes and functional details, such as cable routing for telephony.

Aluminum partitions respect the design and style of any workspace due to their versatility, as they can be easily combined with other materials like glass.


The main advantages of a shower enclosure, beyond contributing to having a stylish shower, are as follows:

They are easy to clean, as a simple cloth or paper with a bit of chlorine can make them look like new quickly and easily. Furthermore, even the most basic shower enclosures incorporate anti-scale features, highly appreciated by consumers.

Another advantage of shower enclosures is their watertightness, as they almost completely prevent water from leaking to the outside. The closure systems are important when choosing a shower enclosure. Their watertightness will largely determine the effectiveness it can provide later.

Having a thicker glass treatment and materials in the shower enclosure, they usually exhibit greater durability than other, more traditional partition systems."


Among the different types of casement windows available on the market, it is important to highlight three of them:

Vertical pivot casement window | The window opens inwards or outwards thanks to the rotation of its hinges.

Horizontal pivot casement window In this case, we are talking about a window that does not rotate on the hinge but projects outwards (thanks to a secondary system). This creates a small "v"-shaped opening in the upper part while the lower part of the window remains attached.

Tilt and turn casement window | It combines the two previous forms

Which one is the best? It depends on the space where our window or door is located; we will choose one modality or another, always considering the available space.

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