Advantages and disadvantages

Folding doors offer new concepts of opening and expanding surfaces to achieve maximum possible space.

Their simple mechanism allows for an almost complete opening of the glass facade. In fact, with an easy operation, a five-meter-wide folding enclosure can occupy as little as 50 centimeters when folded back. Once the panels are open, they only occupy 9% of the total area to be covered, maximizing free space.

Furthermore Folding doors use slim aluminum, wood, or combined wood and aluminum systems, providing individual solutions for all types of building structures.


More practical
When you open a folding door, you need to fold and stack the door neatly in its opening. This allows people to move freely from the interior to the exterior of the room, providing ease of access when they are open. They are commonly used in kitchens, doors leading to gardens, or bathrooms.

Enhanced security
Safety and protection are essential in all homes, and folding doors contribute to this. The slim profile of the door ensures that there are no large glass areas that can be easily broken. Additionally, folding doors are made with materials that offer excellent resistance not only inside the home but also outside, should you choose to use them in a patio or outdoor area. Moreover, they offer great thermal efficiency.

Increased natural lighting
Folding doors can help maximize the natural light in your home, as they allow more light to enter whether they are open or closed. Achieving quality natural light in the home is a significant challenge for many, and a room with better lighting will greatly enhance the overall feel of that space. A well-lit room encourages spending more time in that area.

When folding doors are open, your space will appear much larger than it actually is because they take up no space in the area. These doors can be seamlessly integrated into any room in your home and provide good circulation both inside and outside.

Unlike sliding doors, folding doors take up very little space when open. This is because when they fold, they do not slide anywhere. This offers the advantage of a full opening
A sliding door always requires another door to slide behind, so even if the wall space is too small to accommodate doors, folding doors are still a great option for your home.

Low maintenance
Folding doors do not require as much maintenance as you might think. Generally, they only need regular cleaning with detergent, much like most other glass windows or doors They can be easier to clean than glass doors. Additionally, folding doors can also be highly decorative for any home..

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