Tilt-and-turn windows


What is a tilt-and-turn system?

Es un sistema de apertura de ventanas que permite que la hoja de la ventanas combine una apertura horizontal de las hojas de casi 180º con una apertura vertical que suele ser de unos 10cm.

In this case, the the window handle has three positions so when the handle is down, the window is closed (with the leaf pressed against the frame); in the middle or perpendicular position, the leaf opens laterally (horizontally) to its maximum width; when you turn the handle upward, the leaf opens a few centimeters at the top (vertically), allowing ventilation of the room without fully opening the window.

Tilt and turn windows are also suitable for large residences where maximizing the brightness of the windows and natural light is required.


  1. Tilt and turn windows have a very simple, comfortable, and secure operation..
  2. Equipped with suitable perimeter hardware, they are the most efficient and thermally and acoustically insulating window system, as they allow for an airtight seal between the leaf and the frame, preventing the entry of air and outside noise.
  3. As a result, tilt and turn windows promote maximum comfort and energy and cost savings.They also result in lower CO2 emissions into the atmosphere due to reduced heating and air conditioning consumption.
  4. Regarding casement windows, as mentioned, they allow for a second tilting opening, which is very useful for ventilating and airing interior spaces..


  1. Compared to casement windows, the tilting mechanism adds extra weight that needs to be compensated with a high-quality and secure hardware system..
  2. Compared to sliding systems, the casement opening requires more interior space to allow for full opening without obstructing any furniture, walls, or other obstacles. In addition to hindering the opening, these elements can damage the window if accidentally bumped into.
  3. Also, compared to sliding systems, the proportion of glass surface is smaller because the frames and profiles have a larger size. Therefore, you should expect slightly less brightness..


  1. One of the most prominent features of tilt and turn windows is the variety of ventilation options they offer, thanks to their dual function of tilting and/or swinging opening. The swinging opening allows us to ventilate the room without fully opening the window, reducing the possibility of uncomfortable drafts or rain entering when it is raining. On the other hand, ventilation will be slower than with vertical opening, which allows for a higher airflow and movement for better ventilation.

    For all these reasons, the installation of this type of solution is perfect for ventilating residences or large spaces like warehouses or offices where constant air renewal is needed.

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