Glass curtains


This is a system of transparent vertical glazing that is very lightweight and nearly imperceptible, as it does not have vertical framing. Its aesthetic beauty lies precisely in this, making it undeniable.

Its natural movement is that of sliding, but when it reaches one of the ends, the different glass panels fold like an accordion, that is, they swing open and stack against each other, reducing the entire enclosure to a minimum expression.

Benefits they provide

The installation requires minimal construction work and is carried out cleanly. The only condition for installation is that the terrace or area to be glazed has a roof in order to attach the upper track.

Its cleaning is convenient and safe, as both sides of the glass can be cleaned from the inside without any exposure.

This glazing system does not require maintenance.

It is not necessary to close completely, as we can choose to enclose only the necessary area depending on the wind and rain direction. And, of course, it can also be completely sealed for airtight closure.

They do not reduce the view from the terrace, sunroom, porch, or area where they are installed.

They are designed for unequivocally safe use.

They allow for the use and enjoyment of the outdoor area all 365 days of the year.


Cleaning is very simple because it is always done from the inside, both on the external and internal surfaces. You won't have to contort or take any risks anymore.

That easy:

Open all the panels.

"1 | Clean the outer side of the top panel."
2 | Slide the panels one by one into the frame.
3 | Clean the inner surfaces.
4 | Clean the aluminum parts with a damp cloth, using regular household cleaning products.
5 | Lubricate the plastic parts once or twice a year with silicone spray.
6 | With the glass panels folded on the interior of the terrace, you can clean their external surfaces. It's incredibly easy; there's no need to hang outside or balance precariously, and, of course, no need to remove any glass panels. Cleaning can be done comfortably and easily.
7 | With the glass panels in the closed position, you can clean their inner surfaces without the need to move around. In other words, you close one panel, clean it, and when you're done, slide it and close the next one.

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