Aluminum Mallorcan blinds are the best alternative to wood (which requires costly annual maintenance).

As you can see, Mallorcan blinds combine comfort, aesthetics, and security. Their shutter, made with oblique or inclined slats, has remained, albeit with innovations, since they began to populate the streets of the Balearic Island decades ago. Fixed slats, adjustable slats, or a solid panel can be installed. They can replace grilles as a security element.

This typical element of Mallorcan architecture adds an aesthetic touch to buildings. In addition, these blinds can adapt to any type and shape of door or window. Whether it's square, semicircular, porthole-shaped, or half-round, Mallorcan blinds are always a good choice.

Benefits they provide

Protect from the sun
Provide privacy
Have a long lifespan
Increase anti-theft security
Adapt to all types of windows
Fixed or adjustable slats
Hinged or sliding opening
Wide range of colors


Roller blinds consist of sheets made only of polyester, giving a modern and minimalist touch. Additionally, they can be adjusted in height and size depending on your window measurements, which is a pro on our list.

Blinds serve the same purpose but are made up of horizontal slats, which can be made of wood, PVC, or aluminum. The material is harder than that of roller blinds. They provide a more rustic design to the house, which is an advantage for many customers.

Maintenance for both is practical, and installation is simple, quick, and easy. It's true that either option is valid for decorating your home.

Today, most apartments already have roller blinds installed, but considering the wide range available in the market, it's best to opt for a more sophisticated style.

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